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Feline Fun: The cactus climbing cat is made of a thick pipe covered with sisal twine. Your feline will fall in love with this scratching post, scratching the post repeatedly. It can save your sofa and couch!
Stable structure: When your cat is done playing, the soft bottom part is the perfect place to take a nap. Wide, sturdy base prevents cat claws from wobbling and tipping over. It is more stable for your cat.
Fascinating Toy: We create a fun cactus-shaped indoor scratching patch for cats to scratch, climb and jump. The plush top padding is covered in lint-free chenille for a better experience when your cat is sharpening their paws.
Hanging ball with bell: The cat scratching post is equipped with an interactive ball with a bell for more fun. When your cat scratches the ball, the stones inside make a sound, which is perfect for pet enrichment.
Easy Installation: The 33.5 inch tall cat scratching post is ideal for cats and kittens. The cactus claw post is simple to manufacture and you can set it up in just 5 minutes.


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